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    Thoughts on Liesl?

    Hi berries,

    My brother and sister-in-law just found out they are expecting a baby girl in August! She will be named Liesl Victoria, and I was wondering what everyone's opinions are! I'm excited to be Auntie Em to baby Liesl. I've always liked the name from The Sound of Music, but wouldn't use it myself. What do you think?
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    I like Liesl a lot. Most people will associate with The Sound of Music
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    I LOVE Liesl! I had it on my short list. Just didn't work with the last names. I think it's lovely.
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    Lovely name, it does have a strong association with the Sound of Music, but it's a good association! I think it is very pretty but doesn't work with my last name very well.

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    I love it, especially because of The Sound of Music.

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