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    These are very intriguing. I'd probably rank them in this order:

    1. Sulien--This name is new to me, but I tend to like Welsh names, and I love the sound, look and meaning of this name. In China you probably wouldn't have as much confusion due to Sulien's similarity to Julien/Julian as you'd have in a mainly English-speaking country.

    2. Olin--A very simple and beautiful name with a great meaning. It sounds as if it would be easy to find a Chinese sound-alike for Olin.

    3. Solon--The similarity to the word colon puts me off a little, but not much. This is a balanced and dignified name, and I'm also intrigued by the fact that (even though it isn't) it looks like a contraction of the name Solomon, which means "peace" but of course is also associated with wisdom.

    4. Bolan--Also an intriguing choice, but probably my least favorite of the four, I think because it sounds a little like bolo (as in bolo tie) and bowling. I am not surprised you like it, as I remember both Roland and Nolan from your earlier lists. Though Bolan is certainly more unusual, I think I like the others better.
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    I may be wrong, but it's my understanding that Chinese have trouble pronouncing the letter "l" when it's in the middle of a word. This could result in your son's name creating awkwardness for the people who live around him...... You may want to check with a Mandarin speaker?

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    Thanks for the thoughts!
    As far as Solon sounding a little similar to colon, I do hear that now that it's been mentioned. To me it also evokes a similar feeling to Solomon/Salman, which I appreciate.
    I do really like Sulien a lot, though being a non-Welsh speaker the pronunciation (SEEL-ee-en) paired up with the spelling doesn't quite fit right in my brain. I'll have to let this name simmer.

    @evelyns_mom- the letter 'l' can be a bit difficult in the middle of a word, but it's very common as the beginning of a character. So for example with a name like Solon (soh-lun), there'd be two characters, one that sounds like 'soh' and one that sounds like 'lun' (not quite exactly, but relatively close). Then he'd go by the Chinese name among his Chinese friends and family.

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    I'm afraid that together Bolan and Olin immediately brought to mind dwarfes from the Hobbit. I know Bolan as a last name, so it's hard to move first. Solon is a famous ancient law-giver, and seem kind of heavy for a kid to wear. With Sullien I could only think sullen; maybe better to go with Sullivan? How about Odin instead of Olin?

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    I like Solon very much. I see the similarities to Solomon.
    Like you the English side of my brain has a hard time with Sulien = seel-ee-en but it's a very interesting name.
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