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    A Couple New Discoveries--- Thoughts?

    I've come across a couple of new names over the past few days, and I'm interested in getting some thoughts about them.

    1- Solon (pronounced soh-lun)-- an ancient Greek name meaning 'wise-one'
    2- Sulien (I can't figure out if it's pronounced seel-ee-en or sul-yen, any Welsh speakers here in Nameberry that could shed some light on the pronunciation?)-- a Welsh name meaning 'sun-born'
    3- Bolan-- an Irish name meaning 'little poet'
    4- Olin--- an English name meaning 'holy'

    I like these names, the sound and the meaning. Plus, as our kid's are half-Chinese and will be largely raised in China, these names actually have potentially much closer matching Chinese names then most of our other top options. So I am quite intrigued by these names at the moment. The first two in particular are quite intriguing to me.

    What are your thoughts?
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