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    How about Anneliese?

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    What about Annie? Love that name! Nina would still fit as a nickname, in my opinion. I don't really like Anastasia just because of the whole "50 shades" fad. And Annabel doesn't do it for me either. What about...

    Annie Nicole? Anne Nina? Anne Nicolette? Annamarie? Nina-Anne (one name)? Annelise? Anne Nisha? Annie/Anne Odina? Anne Lena? Anne/Annie Sabrina? Anne Valentina?

    Just a few off of the top of my head! ....

    Good luck!!

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    I have a soft spot for Ana. It's my niece's name. Its simple femininity really stands out among all the Isabellas and Madisons in her age group. She's three and a half and the only Ana she knows, and the only Caucasian Ana most people have ever come across.

    I just really like it on a little girl, and it ages well, too.

    I also like Anna and Anne. And Annie.

    As for the other variants, my favorites are Anneke, Anouk, and Anoushka. I also love Anastasia with the nn Ana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meetcute View Post
    How about Anneliese?
    I like Anneliese! I was going to suggest Anya though.

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    I second the suggestion of Antonina! It seems like the perfect way to name her Anna and call her Nina I think Antonia could even work as well.

    Good Luck!

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