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    Anna, Ana, or Anne

    My name is Anna, named after my grandmother Anne. My dh's mother is named Ana. His father's mother was also Anna, and his mothers grandmother was also Ana.

    So this is my question- I would love to keep this name around for the tradition. But do I go with Anna, Ana, Anne, Ann, or some other variation I.e. Annabel or Anastasia?

    I love the name Nina and was thinking of naming a daughter Anna _____ and then nn Nina.

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    I am in this same situation with many Anna's to honor. I picked Annabelle, but love Annora too.
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    I like the spelling of Anne. Annabel is my very favorite though.
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    I love the spunky Annika. You could still use the nn Nina and would honor all the Anna/Anne/Anas
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    I dislike Annabel, though I know I'm in the minority. Anastasia feels like a totally different name to me, not a variant of Ann (and it reminds me of Cinderella's mean sister). And Ann does combine well with other names. You could do compounds or hyphens (Annemarie or Anne-Marie).

    But I really love the idea of Anna _______ with the nickname Nina. Nina even isn't too nick-namey, so she won't grow out of it. The family tradition continues, but she gets something distinct to her. Great idea!

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