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    My favorites are Amity Calista and Cecelia Ivy

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    There are some hits and misses for me.

    Amity Calista- Amity makes me think of Amityville…. not a good connection! Calista is beautiful though!
    Blythe Eloise- I like it.
    Calliope Eloise- Love this.
    Cecelia Ivy- LOVE. I love this spelling of Cecelia the best.
    Daphne Susannah- I like both names but the combination is off for me. They see older and not in a great way.
    Eloise Susannah- The S's run together so there could be some pronunciation issues.
    Genevieve Gisele- Not thrilled about the alliteration.
    Phoebe Lorelei- So pretty.
    Susannah Blythe- Love.
    Vivian Calliope- I like this a lot
    Wilhemina Ivy- Very pretty.
    Claudia Arwen- Claudia is nms, but like Arwen.

    How about
    Susannah Ivy
    Cecelia Phoebe
    Wilhelmina Vivian
    Wilhelmina Blythe (love this one!)

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    Amity Calista ~ Amity is lovely and although Calista isn't my style, they do go together quite nicely.
    Blythe Eloise ~ These are both lovely names, but I think the flow may a bit off. How about Blythe Louisa or Blythe Leona instead?
    Calliope Eloise ~ I love both of these! Although I do think the flow is off a bit here as well. Maybe Calliope Wren or Calliope June?
    Cecelia Ivy ~ Gorgeous
    Daphne Susannah ~ Stunning! Love love love!
    Eloise Susannah ~ Both are great names. What about Eloise Matilda or Eloise Ophelia?
    Genevieve Gisele ~ Pretty. Maybe Genevieve Pearl, Genevieve Ruby or Genevieve Belle?
    Phoebe Lorelei ~ Not really my style. How about Phoebe Corinne or Phoebe Alice?
    Susannah Blythe ~ Wow! Absolutely stunning! LOVE!
    Vivian Calliope ~ Nice.
    Wilhemina Ivy ~ Very lovely!
    Claudia Arwen ~ Not really my style either. Maybe Claudia Rose or Arwen Louisa?
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    I love love love calliope, Genevieve & phoebe! You have a great list started
    Tessa coming 2.2017 💗

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