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    Amity Calista - Not loving the combo, I like the sound of Calista Amity better. Love Calista, one of my favorites.
    Blythe Eloise - Not a fan of either name, but I also don't really like the flow of it either, too many e's or something. Blythe has always sounded a bit old to me so...
    Calliope Eloise - Too many l's, makes it kind of hard to pronounce.
    Cecelia Ivy - I like this spelling of Cecelia, I thought I was the only one! Ivy sounds good with it too.
    Daphne Susannah - I like this one.
    Eloise Susannah - Too many s sounds.
    Genevieve Gisele - Its okay, but I prefer when the first and middle don't start with the same letter. Its not bad on this one but it just bothers me in general.
    Phoebe Lorelei - I really like these names together, would've never guessed that they would sound so good together.
    Susannah Blythe - I like the flow of this one.
    Vivian Calliope - Again, has a nice flow, though I'm not a big fan of Vivian. Love Calliope though (I have a soft spot for Mythology names)
    Wilhemina Ivy - not a big fan of either, but they sound nice together.
    Claudia Arwen - I like it, love Claudia, not so much Arwen, but its okay, its just not my style.
    I hope I wasn't too tough!
    I think you have a great list, but they aren't really my style, although I think other Nameberrys will love it.
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    You have some really beautiful names here!

    Amity Calista - Love Amity, Calista is NMS but the combo is nice
    Blythe Eloise - Beautiful!!!
    Calliope Eloise - This is a little EE heavy, I like both names seperately though
    Cecelia Ivy - I vastly prefer the Cecilia spelling but to each her own, the combo is stunning!
    Daphne Susannah - LOVE!
    Eloise Susannah - The S's run together for me but not bad
    Genevieve Gisele - I like the alliteration here, very French and sweet
    Phoebe Lorelei - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
    Susannah Blythe - GORGEOUS!!!
    Vivian Calliope - not bad
    Wilhelmina Ivy - eh you have a lot better names here
    Claudia Arwen - I like it, I think there are better mns though but I love seeing Claudia used

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    You have some really gorgeous names!

    Ranked from favorite to least favorite

    1) Susannah Blythe (would also love to see susannah arwen)
    2) Cecelia Ivy (also would love to see arwen or blythe in this middle)
    3) Vivian Calliope (Calliope is a bit much for me...but it sounds nice)
    4) Wilhemina Ivy (ok)
    5) Claudia Arwen (love arwen but think claudia is a bit dated)

    all of the following don't sound like they flow right:
    Amity Calista
    Blythe Eloise
    Calliope Eloise
    Daphne Susannah
    Eloise Susannah
    Phoebe Lorelei
    Genevieve Gisele (too much G)
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    []Amity Calista - Super pretty! Like it.
    Blythe Eloise - Like it.
    Calliope Eloise - Not a fan.
    Cecelia Ivy - LOVE IT! So completely gorgeous!
    Daphne Susannah - Love it.
    Eloise Susannah - Okay.
    Genevieve Gisele - Like it.
    Phoebe Lorelei - Love it.
    Susannah Blythe - Not my style, but pretty.
    Vivian Calliope - Like it.
    Wilhemina Ivy - Love Ivy, hate Wilhemina.
    Claudia Arwen - Not a big fan of it.
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