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    William -- Lia, Illia, Mailey, Milly, Mala, Wiam (WHY-am),
    Michael -- Michelle, Mikhail (mick-HAIL), Shale, Mickey, Milly, Cale, Kell
    Harry -- Halle/Hallie, Harris, Rory
    Alfred -- Ally, Fred, Alfie, Red, Farlen, Delfrey
    Mary Jane -- Marjorie, Maje/Mage, Mane/Maine, Jeremy, Jemma, Janey, Maren
    Shirley -- Sugar, Shey, Shell, Lisha, Lesley/Leslie, Rilley, Riley
    Agnes -- Nessa, Genny, Genna, Sage, Agen
    Heather -- Heath, Thea, Aether, Hattie, Rhea, Tharen
    Sheila -- Shyla, Ashlie, Halie, Leia, Leah, (see Shirley)

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