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    Article About Atrocious Baby Names....

    Thought some of these were humorous.
    Not expecting, just collecting.
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    "I had a student named Nimrod. Is that horrific enough? Probably became a badass."

    I had to comment on Nimrod. This is the first name of a family doctor in my area. He's a good doctor but he has the bedside manner of a rock (eg. non-existent). I could say he was a "bad apple" but certainly not a "badass".

    I have to say: What are the parents thinking? Some of them should be charged for mental cruelty or child abuse for giving names that cause such embarrassment. Calling a child Atrocity is just plain cruel.
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    Mischa - some countries like Germany and Norway have laws on what you are allowed to name your children. Sometimes I feel that would be beneficial in the US as well but then it also feels restrictive when we enjoy the ability to choose a name that really works for us and our families.
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    I laughed way way too hard at this:
    "Horrific: Shamontreal after 'the country in Canada.' Knowing the mom, it's impressive she knew Canada & Montreal were related. She had a sister named Shantartica."

    I agree with naming laws however, the list can be as long the ages, honestly some people don't know what to do with such freedoms.

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    Some of those don't sound real, and I am a little skeptical about them. Scary part is, I am sure many of them are real.

    There was an article in the Toronto Star last December about an elderly citizen named Mary Christmas. Her first name was Mary and she had married a man whose last name was Christmas. That would get old and annoying really fast.
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