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    I think these names sound best with your surname. I would avoid names ending in a similar sound (trendy Zayden, Locklan, Kaiden and the Biblical Benjamin).

    1. Saul Elias Anderson - This strong one-syllable name sounds awesome with your surname.

    2. Isaias Eli Anderson - A more unique version of the popular Isaiah. I love Eli as well.

    3. Xavier Elias Anderson - I love Xavier (zay-vee-er) but the repetitive "er" in the fn and ln isn't ideal. Plus, numerous people have problems with pronouncing it.
    All the best,

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    1. How are you pronouncing Xavier? I agree with a pp that "ex-ay-vee-er" sounds really awesome with Elias, though I'm not as as keen on "zay-vee-er" in this instance. Either way, I think this is a good option.
    2. I don't love Saul; it feels heavy to me. Saul Elias Anderson doesn't have the best flow IMO, either. Biblically, I prefer Caleb, Gabriel, etc.
    3. Isaias Eli Anderson is awesome! Might be a bit of a challenge to spell on occasion, but you (and later he) can set those people straight. You might also consider Amias or Matthias.
    4. I LOVE Lochlan Elias. Lochlan Anderson shares that similar ending, though, which isn't my fave...but isn't a reason to let it go. I like this choice. I prefer Lachlan over Lochlan spelling-wise.
    6. I like this choice. Yes, Ben is more common, but it's classic! You could mix things up by going with Bennett, Reuben, Benedict, Benning, Benton, Harben, or Eben, though. Alternatively, if you love Benjamin but want to avoid Ben's popularity, try a different nickname: Jamie, Jem, Mino, Benno, Benji, etc.
    5 and 7. I find Zayden and Kaiden far too trendy to hit your mark; there are so many -ayden names that are popular now (Aidan, Cayden, Hayden, Jayden, Kayden, Layton [similar], Payton [similar], Zayden and all of their many spellings) that I think they will feel very tied to this decade (and thus, dated) in later years.

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    Stylish, Elegant and unique but familiar?

    1. Xavier Elias Anderson
    2. Saul Elias Anderson
    4. Lochlan Elias Anderson
    6. Benjamin Elias Anderson (know Ben is pretty common but we like it)

    3. Isaias Eli Anderson
    5. Zayden Elias Anderson
    7. Kaiden Elias Anderson
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    Saul Elias sounds Jewish to me, whereas Xavier is Catholic. Are you trying to work with cultural significance?
    I like Benjamin Elias which sounds like it could work for either culture.
    Good Luck!

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    Xavier Elias- pp mentioned the repeated er, but I feel the "and" sound separates it enough
    Saul Elias - love Saul and Elias
    Isaias Eli- like this one, but pronunciation might be an issue.

    What about Isaac Elias?
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