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    Thank you all for your feedback!
    It's lovely to know that the majority like Margot, I really do! If our baby is a boy he will be Marlon, so I guess it will be one or the other, we wont be able to save for another baby.
    My biggest problem with Emilia is that I've got a little bored with it, I know 3 baby Amelia's and although it's a completely different name, I don't want her to be one of the Emilia/Amelia girls, it doesn't seem interesting enough or something... Nothing against the name I just don't think it's for us at all. The more I think about it the more I say no.

    I agree with the Margot Imogen argument, I don't know why Milly fits for me... I don't really love Margot Emilia, I like middle names that are a little bit interesting and I don't feel that Emilia is interesting anymore. Bugsy's middle name William goes against my theory but it's a family name and Bugsy was interesting enough!

    I love Winslet as a middle name, I like Holiday too, unusual but familiar? Margot Winslet or Margot Holiday, our last name begins with S and ends in -on.

    Maybe Jack can just call her Milly if he wants, as some people said nicknames don't have to come directly from the name...who knows though...

    Thanks for giving me some things to think about!
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    I prefer Emilia over Margot. However, I prefer Margo over Emilia. To me Margot always looked like maggot and I can't help but pn the t everytime I see Margot, to me it's Mar-got, I know it's silence, but I still make that mistake everytime.

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    I much prefer Margot to Emilia. Margot is such a beautiful name!! Go with your first love or you'll regret it!

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    I MUCH PREFER MARGOT! Margot Imogen is beyond lovely! Much more strength!
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    FWIW, my daughter is named Margot and she loves her name, no one every mispronounces it, and no one has every said "oh yuck" in reaction. Use it! Our other daughters have lovely names too, but none has ever been as perfect as Margot.

    Margot Emilia and Margot Imogen both work, to my mind, though they give off different vibes. Our Margot is Margot Lois, after a Great-grandma Lois.

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