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    Margot Emilia is a very pretty name and Milly is an adorable nickname too.

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    I also like Margot Emilia. I'll be a small voice of dissent and say that I think you can use Milly as a nn for Margot (it's not that far off Molly from Mary) regardless of the middle name, but agree that I certainly don't think Imogen would help with that. Emilia does make it more intuitive.

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    I like both names but they give off different vibes for me. Emilia is frilly and feminine. Margot is spunky and sassy. With Bugsy, I think Margot would be a better "fit". If you aren't feeling that Emilia is for you then choose the name that has been on your mind for years: Margot.
    All the best,

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    I love both names and went to school with a wonderful girl named Margot! My name's Emily so I'm a little bias towards Emilia but either way your daughter is going to have a beautiful name! I think the suggestion of Margot Emilia is great and it seems like it could please both you and your husband. And nicknames don't always have to come directly from the name! They can come from an experience or just because somebody started calling her that one day. I have a friend named Andrea who gets called Pinches by her family and my name is Emily but my boyfriend calls me Bay. So name her Margot and call her Millie if you want!

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    I love Amelia spelled like this

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