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    I love Margot also, it's a great choice. I agree that Margot Emilia is a great way to get to Milly, it flows well too. Good luck!

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    I personally dont like argot but it shouldnt matter about what anyone else thinks. My oh mum doesnt like our daughters middle name but thay mskes me love it even more.....!!!!
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    I agree with everyone else. I really like Margot . And before I read other comments I was thinking of Margot Emilia for Milly. I'm not sure how Margot Imogen would get you Milly as there is no L in either name.

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    I highly prefer Margot over Emilia, and it sounds like there are other people on this board who like Margot as well. Opinions are like..well you know...everyone has one. You and your husband need to be 100% sure that YOU love your LO's name. If you're already having doubts now, that's not a good sign. If you really can't decide, then wait until she is born and try both names on her. I did this with my 2nd DD. I needed a V name to honor my grandmother, and I have always dreamed of naming my daughter Vanessa. I felt so much pressure to go with a trendier V name, Vivian. After she was born I tried calling her by both names to me she was a Vanessa, not a Vivian. I could care less that Vivian is the trendier and therefore more liked name at the moment - it wasn't my daughter's name. I am soooo relieved that I didn't listen to anyone else, including people on this board (no offense to fellow berries). I would've definitely regretted giving into someone else's opinion instead of following my gut feeling. The name Vanessa suits my daughter to a T. She is a spunky little thing and the prim and proper Vivian would've been totally off for her. I hope my story helps you regain some confidence in your choice - it is a good one!
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    I prefer Emilia. I think it is unique and beautiful. I also don't like using nicknames as full names.

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