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    Question What are your favorite twin names?

    I know it was done before, but that's such an interesting thread I just can't resist So, please tell me what are your favorite twin sets and the connection between them(sound, meaning, origin or no connection). You can tell about twins you know or your own thoughts. These are mine:
    Girl & Boy
    Bellamy and Liam (Irish; l and m letters)
    Gwendolen and Penrose (Welsh origin)
    Bethany and Noah (Biblical)
    Maple and River (Nature names)
    Celia and Valentine (Shakespearean names)
    Girl & Girl
    Esther nn Essie and Tabitha nn Hattie (Biblical;vintage)
    Amity and Felicity(Latin virtue names;end in -ty)
    Cornelia and Victoria(Vintage names;end in -ia)
    Solange and Oliviane (French names)
    Albina and Agata (Russian names, start with A)
    Winter and Leto(Season names, Leto means "summer" in Russian)
    Boy and Boy
    Shannon and Nolan(Irish; end in -n)
    Tennessee and Nakotah(Native American)
    Adam and Liam(2 syllable names)
    Jesse and Levi(Biblical;2 syllable; end in -ee sound)
    Constantine and Alexander(Greek;royal names)
    *Ones are my absolute favorites.
    For fun: the weirdest twinsets I could make from my favorite names:
    Girl & Girl
    Candice and Carmel(candy and caramel)
    Virginia and Arizona
    Girl & Boy
    Holland and Amsterdam
    Scarlett and Rhett(from "Gone With The Wind")
    Boy & Boy
    Penrose and Ambrose
    Jared and Shannon(the Leto brothers from 30 seconds to Mars)
    I would like to know your favorite sets; do you think twin names should have some connection? If yes, what type of connection?
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