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    Most of these are more middle names than they are first names. I actually don't mind if twins don't have first names that have a certain connection, but I think that it's adorable if they share somekind of connection in their middle names.

    Archibald and Alexander (the first name and the middle name of my favourite actor, Cary Grant)
    Charles and Hugo (hands down, the best boy/boy twin set I've ever heard)
    Henry and William (James; the novelist and the philosopher)
    Frej and Njord (two notable Gods from the Norse mythology)
    Bertil and Fredrik (two characters by Astrid Lindgren)
    Renly and Illyrio (characters from A Song of Ice and Fire)

    Tatiana and Olga (the sisters from Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin)
    Hera and Juno (wives of Zeus from the Greek and the Roman mythology)
    Eleanor and Philippa (my favourite English Queen consorts, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Philippa of Hainault)
    Saga and Embla (two notable figures from the Norse mythology)
    Hestia and Demeter (sisters from the Greek mythology; the goddess of the hearth and the goddess of harvest)
    Katla and Alva (characters from two Astrid Lindgren books; Katla from The Brothers Lionheart and Alva from Madicken)
    Hedvig and Elvira (for the legendary Danish tightrope walker, Elvira Madigan, whose real name was Hedvig. Alternatively, Hedvig could be a first name for one twin and Elvira a middle for the other)
    Rhaenys and Visenya (the badass sisters of Aegon the Conqueror from A Song of Ice and Fire)
    Margaery and Asha (my favourite female characters from A Song of Ice and Fire, Asha could be replaced with Cersei)
    Arwen and Eowyn (LOTR characters)
    Odile and Odette (the Swan Queen, Odette, and the Black Swan, Odile, from Tchaikovsky's The Swan Lake)

    Altair and Vega (couple from Chinese mythology; the cowherd and the Weaver Girl)
    William [Adelin] and Matilda (the only legitimate children of Henry I of England, Matilda later became Lady of the English and the first female sovereign of England, though she was never crowned)
    Asa and Alexandrina (no real connection other than being two incredibly gorgeous names)
    Amaury and Maude (just two incredibly gorgeous names that sound well together)
    Helios and Selene (brother and sister from Greek mythology; the sun and the moon)
    Osiris and Isis (brother and sister/husband and wife from the Egyptian mythology; the god of afterlife and the goddess of motherhood)
    Jojen and Meera (badass brother and sister from A Song of Ice and Fire; aka the Reeds)
    Aragorn and Galadriel (LOTR characters)

    There are probably several more, but now I've been pondering enough over this.
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    Ooh. Well my twins are Amity & Fable but if I was to have twins again, then..

    Wiley & Truett
    Zephyr & Caspian
    Cypress & Phoenix
    Miller & Crew

    Sonnet & Haven
    Cosima & Ottilie
    Avalon & Reverie
    Azure & Clover

    Wiley & Lilac
    Valor & Sonnet
    Truett & Clover
    Cypress & Reverie

    Maybe. Some of them don't sit right with me but it would probably be something like that!
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    Felicity nn Flick and Beatrix nn Trixie
    Abigail and Lydia

    Casper and Remus
    William nn Wim and Alistair nn Alec

    Adalie and Briar
    William nn Wim and Annabel nn Annie
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    Twin names are interesting for me because I actually know several sets of twins. I have twin nieces, my boyfriend is a twin, and I have some of my closest family friends are twins. I love the idea of getting to name twins, but the thought of having them scares me a bit haha.

    Alistair and Sandrine (both variations of Alexander)
    Atticus and Aurelia (it's a bit matchy for my usual taste, but there's something about both names that I just LOVE.)
    Holden and Esme (Both Salinger characters)
    Callum and Isla (both Scottish)
    Etienne and Salome (both French)
    Amory and Cecelia (both characters from Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise)
    Cillian and Aisling (both Irish)
    Rafferty and Madeleine (Madeleine L'Engle, Rafferty is a character in one of her novels)
    Gray and Allison (my mom's maiden name is Allison, my grandma's is Gray)
    Ellison and Maeve (variations on family names Ellis and Mae)

    Rosalind and Lavinia (Both Shakespearean)
    Cecelia and Vienna (both names from Fitzgelard stories)
    Isaline and Annabel (both French Isaline is a variation of Isabel. I think they sound gorgeous together)
    Edith and Austen (Wharton and Jane)
    Isla and Yvaine (both Scottish)
    Annabel and Evageline (both names from favorite poems)
    Aurelia and Rosalind (I just think they sound gorgeous together)
    Charlotte and Jane (Bronte and Eyre)
    Winter and Noelle
    Charlotte and Edith (names of the Liddel sisters whose sister Alice inspired the character of Alice in Wonderland)
    Victoria and Sandrine (I just like them together. My aunt was Victoria my boyfriend is Alexander)
    Gabrielle and Colette (Sidonie Gabrielle Colette)

    Atticus and Holden (two of my favorite literary gems)
    Eitenne and Laurent (both French)
    Dylan and Rivers (Bob and Cuomo. My boyfriend is a musician. This is HUGE to him)
    Gatsby and Amory (From Fitzgerald)
    Cillian and Rafferty (both Irish)
    Eliot and Auden (favorite poets)
    Silas and Rhys (I just like the way they sound together)
    Charles and Oliver (As You Like It)
    Alisdair and Malcolm (Scottish)
    Gray and Ellis (family names)

    Long story short I'm a lit geek in a long term relationship with a musician. And my heritage is entire Irish/Scottish and French haha.
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