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    Lucy and Alice are very sweet! So are Maeve and Tavish, Caroline and Charlotte, Isla and Esme And other combos...You ladies have some wonderful names, keep them coming!

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    I really prefer when twin names do not match and I always use family names for middles. so I'd go with:
    Girl/Girl: Alice Irene and Nella Margaret
    Girl/Boy: Gemma Louise and Hank Winter
    Boy/Boy: Quill Anthony and Wilder Ross

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    Alice and Nella are so cute together Lovely!

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    Armand & Melisande (romantic opera names)
    Orion & Daphne (Greek mythology, respectively hunter & nymph loved by siblings Artemis & Apollo)
    Gawain & Olwen (Welsh legends/folklore)
    Antony & Lavinia (Shakespearean and Roman names)
    Sebastian & Viola (Shakespearean sister & brother)
    Emrys & Nimue (wizard (Merlin) and The Lady of the Lake in Welsh folklore)
    Tresillian & Endellion (places in Cornwall)
    Casimir & Isidore (nothing particular, they just give me the same romantic knightly feeling)
    Percival & Tristan (both Knights of the Round Table)
    Hector & Evander (Greek heroes)
    Serafim & Remiel (angels)
    Endymion & Orpheus (Greek mythology)
    Faramond & Orlando (legendary king & military leader)
    Leonidas & Tarquin (Greek hero/king & Roman king)
    Circe & Morgana (enchantresses in Greek and Welsh mythology/folklore)
    Ceridwen & Isolde (goddess and mortal in Welsh folklore)
    Atalanta & Penelope (brave women in Greek mythology)
    Thalia & Polymnia (two of the muses in Greek mythology)
    Evadne & Liriope (nymphs in Greek mythology)
    Niniane & Elaine (Lady of the Lake & the Lady of Shalott in Welsh legends)
    Belphoebe & Amoret (sisters in The Faerie Queene)
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Thalia and Polymnia are just gorgeous, ottilie! I love your names

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