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Thread: Goldblum

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    Was watching the Conan show and Jeff Goldblum was on there. He was asked about the possibility of ever having kids, and he said he always found that coming up with a name to match his last name was difficult. It got me wondering what names nameberry would think of to match the last name Goldblum?

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    Biased, but I have a maiden name a lot like that (same ethnic background, similar compound, same first initial...) and I tend to find that it sounds most natural with names like:

    Daniel, Asher, Isaac, Reuben / Hannah, Rose, Naomi, Leah type mainstream name or really ethnic/obscure Hebrew/Yiddish names.

    That doesn't mean that's all you can use with it, but those are what I think of first.

    Michal Goldblum would be cute for a daughter.

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    Okay, I must admit I'm relieved. I thought you were going to ask about Goldblum as a name for a child. o_O Phew!

    I don't really have any answers of my own for your question, but I would agree with stripedsocks that Hebrew names would probably be a good way to go.
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    Aaron Goldblum
    Asa Goldblum
    Ari Goldblum
    Elijah Goldblum
    Harry Goldblum
    Josiah Goldblum
    Oliver Goldblum
    Tobias Goldblum
    Thaddeus Goldblum
    Zachary Goldblum
    Uri Goldblum
    Seth Goldblum

    Ariel Goldblum
    Aria Goldblum
    Devony Goldblum
    Davida Goldblum
    Eugenia Goldblum
    Victoria Goldblum
    Cecelia Goldblum
    Amira Goldblum
    Felicity Goldblum
    Natalia Goldblum
    Susannah Goldblum
    Thea Goldblum
    Elena Goldblum
    Elana Goldblum
    Michaela Goldblum
    Leora Goldblum
    Olivia Goldblum
    Delilah Goldblum

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    I would take the opportunity to break out some obscure Hebrew names! Zipporah, Hadassah, Atalyah.......(not sure if those are more popular in the Jewish community or not, I could be way off the mark.)

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