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  • Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

    22 56.41%
  • Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

    18 46.15%
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    Disney Name contest (girls) FINAL

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... IT'S THE FINAL! Lets take a while to remember the names that didnt make it.

    Cinderella- With 4 votes, she didnt even qualify for quarter-finals. This "little ash girl" flopped.
    Dory- With 3 votes, this little name didnt keep swimming in the contest. She too didnt even qualify for quarter-finals either.
    Jessie- With 9 votes, she also didnt make it to the quarters. We didnt get a buzz from her.

    Kiara- With 7 votes, she made it to the quarters but then got booted out. She didnt feel the love tonight.
    Giselle- With 17 votes, she made it to the quarters then didnt get any further. Seams like she didnt quite Enchant us.
    Jasmine- With 15 votes, she left the quaters on a magic carpet ride.

    Belle- With 7 votes, she made it through most of the competion and comes out 3rd. Which means she is a Beauty!
    Ariel- With 6 votes, she come out 4th. She showed that she ain't that little.

    Please vote if you want your favourite to win
    Sorry about the terrible puns!
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    Ugh, they're both so pretty I had such a hard time deciding! But went with Aurora in the end. This was a great idea for a name contest, misschelseabeth.
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    Went with Alice - I can't bend my foreign tongue around Aurora (and au-woe-wah just isn't very attractive!)

    My top 3 was:
    1) Alice
    2) Giselle
    3) Jasmine

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