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    Simple old Fred?

    We have just found out we're expecting a second son. We have a daughter, Priya and a boy, Theo.

    While I still have a favourite name I like (Florin) I am trying to get a shortlist going so we can meet the baby and see what suits him best.

    My grandfathers name was Frederick but we all called him Fred. I like the meaning and I love the nickname Freddie or Teddy but wondering if it's too simple to just go with Fred and not Frederick. It feels unbalanced since we only used Theo for our son to go ahead with the full Frederick.

    What do you think of Fred? Too old-mannish? Too short?

    The other namesake I'd like to consider is my father Philip but I don't like this name (or it's meaning!). I am assuming Pip (which my husband likes) is way too short to be taken seriously as a name.

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    I love Frederick and Fred, but I would use Fred on its own without any hesitation (especially if he had a brother Theo!)

    Priya, Theo, and Fred sound really nice together.

    I also like Pip, but I'm not sure it ages well on its own.

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    I think Fred on it's own is fine, there is no need to use Frederick if you only want to call him Fred or Freddie, and I think Fred would work better with Theo. Pip is adorable, but I do struggle to see it on a grown man.
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    I love nicknames as given names. I think Fred would be fine.

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    Congratulations! I think Fred is fine, and also recommend Alfred nn Fred/Freddie. It doesn't feel as long/clunky/mismatched as Frederick.

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