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    Beachy,strong,and peaceful names...we need some names to fit

    I have been searching for names tht have the perfect fit.
    In the past we really liked Shea.
    To add to the list
    We like jasper and phoenix,and morrissey
    Please help. We love beachy,uncommon,not too far out there names. Preferably a name you could see on a surfer boy.
    We are really considering morrissey Shea ,the name morrissey is a family name.
    What are your thoughts???

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    When you first said Shea, I thought it was a girl, so I was going to say Cora, or Waverley. But for a boy... that's much harder. I like Morrissey Shea, but what about Morrissey Jasper instead? I also consider Phoenix to be a more feminine name, but I guess it could go either way and it's your kid! I always thought Kyle was a very surfer boy sort of name. or Caiden/Kaiden.
    Names that work:
    Check out the nature names section here on nameberry!

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    Phoenix is one of my favorites. I also like River, Reid, Sage, Beck, Kai, Zen and Zephyr. Good luck

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    I think Morrisey sounds cool. What about Morrissey Kai? Morrissey Shea and Morrissey Jasper are cool as well. Luke Morrissey works too. Or Blake Morrissey.

    Phoenix is not my cup of tea.

    Best of luck!

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    Kai, Bodhi, Indigo, Gavin, Noah, Ocean, Nesta (for the Marley reference), Nash, Declan, Zephyr, Taj, Oakley, and Kapali all come to mind ^_^
    Zion Nathaniel ~ Solomon Fable ~ Balthazar Wolf ~ Malachi Sparrow nn Kai ~ Tobias Rowan ~ Caspian _____
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    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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