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Thread: WDYT of Yale?

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    Other ideas:


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    Quote Originally Posted by neuilly View Post
    I only think of the university and therefore it sounds really pretentious to me or like you're trying to hard. For me it's like naming your kid Armani or Ferrari - only it's an ivy school instead of a luxury item. Sorry, I just don't see the appeal at all, nor can I see it as a name.
    I'd probably choose something like Yarrow or Julian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seasonsoflove View Post
    Thanks for all of your suggestions! We aren't from the US so although people might think of the university, I think it's a bit of a stretch.
    Any other suggestions for a brother to Sloane? We are totally stumped!
    I'm not from the US either, but the university was the very first thing I thought of, I'm afraid. I think it sounds pretentious, to be honest. It's like naming your child Oxford or Harvard.

    I like the suggestions above for Jasper or James. Are there other J or Y names that you like?

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