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    names from TV/film: yay or nay?

    What are your thoughts about names that have been used in popular television shows and movies? I don't mean naming your child after a TV character - though I'm sure people do that - but just the use of the name in general. Will people always associate your child with that show/movie as a result, or does it fade over time? Are you saddling your child with a certain "reputation" based on that character's personality?

    Obviously, for lesser-known shows and films, it's not as much of an issue. But when it comes to shows that defined an era... The prime example that comes to mind is "Friends" and names like Ross or Phoebe.

    What's your opinion?

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    Yay to me it's just like using a name you love. I love TV/Film names
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    It really depends. Like say Wizard of Oz has been your favorite movie since you were little, so you name your daughter Dorothy. As opposed to being a 'Twihard' and naming your child Cullen. (Heard it on a flight a few months ago and cringed sooo hard)
    I'm highly opposed to going with the uber trendy or popular. But I get if you hear a name while watching TV one night and not being able to get it out of your head and you can't imagine choosing any other name for your child.
    I guess it depends on motives really....
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    I agree--it depends. I suppose it's my upbringing, to not get invested in Hollywood, to not set celebrities on pedestals, etc. They're only human and they're no better than us, etc., etc. That was drilled into me a lot growing up, so it frankly seems ridiculous to name a child after a celebrity, but it seems nearly as bad to name a child after a TV show or a film. That being said, I don't mind gaining inspiration from the name choices in Hollywood. Plus, I feel I sort of owe a bit of my happiness to Hollywood, upbringing aside--I dealt with moderate to severe depression, and being able to watch TV, to get immersed in a show, it brought me some sense of normalcy when I thought I was going crazy, and yes, even happiness. So I don't mind getting inspiration from Hollywood, as long as you don't go hog-wild.

    I actually first fell for Isabelle when I watched Alias. I don't think I really got any other name from Hollywood, but I remember being over Isabella because of the popularity, but still really loving it, and then I heard Isabelle, and it just struck me as the most beautiful name ever. I really loved it. I had gone back and forth on Isabelle vs. Isabella up until then, usually with Isabelle falling off my radar quite quickly, so I didn't think it would stick around, so I tried to stick it in the MN spot, but it just didn't stay there. I've loved Isabelle ever since, and most days I don't even think about Alias--I think about the French aspect that honors a very dear friend who passed away two years ago, I think of the relation to the name Elizabeth, which then reminds me of the story of Elizabeth and John the Baptist and Zachariah and Mary the mother of Jesus, which I think is lovely, and all these other lovely connections to my faith and friends and things that truly matter and that always have.

    Some of my other favorites have been used in TV shows (Rachel, Charlotte, Samuel, Charlie, Asher, Jack, Grayson, etc.), but most of them are so generic that I don't really think that one TV stereotype would hold my child back. Plus, I would hope people aren't that shallow-minded that they will let one image of a fictional character define my child, when there are probably 5+ associations, way more lovely and timeless and transcendent than one little TV show. Like Phoebe--I've never seen Friends, so I don't really know what Phoebe was like, but it has so many other lovely associations to it, if Phoebe was a strange character or even a good one but just a really strong connection, I would hope people would see the good in Phoebe and not just label the parents as a Friends fanatic.
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    I sometimes ask myself if I could get away with naming a daughter Elena, a name that's been on my radar for a few years now, even though my friends and I watch the CW's Vampire Diaries religiously; would it only be me that associated the name, or would everyone?

    Perhaps this is a double standard we are (or maybe just I am) creating here! What's different about naming your son Cullen vs naming your daughter Scarlet after Gone With the Wind, or Juliet which (supposedly) reminds us all of Shakespeare? Maybe it has something to due with the lapse of time.

    But on the other hand, when I think of the 'not-so-direct' Twilight names: Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Bella, Esme, it makes me wonder if Twilight hadn't have been such a hit, would these names even be breaching the top 1000?

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