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    I don't see a problem with it. I love Phoebe, and yes people would probably think of Friends when they heard it (at least people my age), but Phoebe was awesome! Phoebe on Charmed as well. I would hesitate if the character was awful, but that's how it is for me with mythology and literary names as well. I'd never use Loke/Loki because the character in Norse mythology was horrible. I do have Calliope on my list, and a lot of people will probably think of Dr Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy, but again, she rocks, so who cares?

    I don't watch that much tv so I don't know about Gilmore Girls for example. Or The Vampire Diaries.
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    It depends on the how unique the name is, how popular the show was, and when the television show was on.

    For example, if someone named their son "Opie" I would immediately think of the Andy Griffin show because it is a very uncommon name. While the show was popular, it was on a long time ago so I expect few of the child's contemporaries would make that association.

    With the name Dorothy, I think few would automatically jump to the conclusion that you were naming your child after a character in the Wizard of Oz because Dorothy was a pretty common name in the time period the Wizard of Oz came out. Most people would like conclude that you were selecting the name to honor a grandparent or because you like vintage, grandmother names.

    With your example, I don't think Ross and Phoebe are uncommon enough names that people would automatically assume you named your child after a Friends character. Adults today may make the Friends connection if you named three kids, Ross, Phoebe, and Monica or Ross, Chandler, and Phoebe but I doubt many of your children's contemporaries would.
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    Some names may be more obvious than others.

    I don't think Friends names (Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe) are that obvious especially since the show has been over for almost a decade. Except Chandler, maybe. Chandler will always be friends to me, because it's so uncommon.

    Plenty of people us TV/Movies as inspiration and unless it's painstakingly obvious or a really bad connection (in Literature & Film: Lolita), no one's going to comment unless they know that your favorite show is such and such and you named your child a name from the show. Even then, I can't think of anyone that's going to care.

    Unless there is a strong name connection, I don't think people are going to treat a child as if they had the personality of the person from the show.

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    I love the name Melanie ever since I read/watched Gone With The Wind. I think Melanie would make a wonderful namesake, so I plan to use it. If I remember correctly, the name Melanie only because popular after the book/film anyways.
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    It depends on whether I actually like the film/movie. If so, then I don't care about the association. Also if it's a classic and the name is really tied to that particular movie/show then the association never fades. People still ask my mom if she chose my name because of GWTW. She hates that movie so it really annoys her. The association doesn't bother me; plus I'm sure that if I name my son Ashley I'll hear it a lot more.

    In some cases it's the combo of names. Having a little Luke isn't a big deal but if you name his sibs Mace and Leia then it's obvious you're a Star Wars fan. Lucas, Mason & Leila would be a more subtle set

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