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    Middle name for Edith

    Hi, I'm a new poster here but have lurked off and on for several years. We're expecting a baby, gender unknown, next month. We're pretty set on Edith for the first name but are stuck for the perfect middle. I'll list the ideas we've had, but I'd love other suggestions, too. We like saint names and nature names. Our daughter is Elisabeth Marie (Betty). Thank you!!!

    Edith Sabina
    Edith Louise
    Edith Jeanette
    Edith Margaret
    Edith Marguerite
    Edith Felicity
    Edith Rosalie
    Edith Miriam
    Edith Cecilia
    Edith Helena

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    I adore Edith.

    Edith Felicity and Edith Aurora (love that suggestion) are stunning. Maybe Edith Aurelia?

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    Edith Paige would be sweet.

    I loved the suggestion Edith Belle and calling her Edie-Belle!

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