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    Thoughts on Willow?

    Have been liking the name Willow lately but im worried she could end up with the nn Will, which I think is far too manly on a little girl. Does anybody know any little Willows? What nn do they get?

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    Not all kids have a nickname. And names that don't nickname, like Willow, are less likely to get them. My daughter, Margot, is 10 already and has never been called by any nickname, at home or at school, and she has gobs of friends. In fact, of all of her friends, most of whom have 2- or even 3-syllable names, none go by nicknames except one (Maddy, for Madison).

    So I'd go with Willow, which is a lovely name, and not worry about it.

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    I agree that not all names need a nn. Willow definitely stands alone just fine. Though if you really wanted one, some possibilities would be Lo, Low, Willa, Willy.
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    Many names, like Willow, don't need a nickname. I have a 3 syllable name (that actually has a few nn possibilities), but I've never gone by a nn. I love the name Willow and plan to use it for a future daughter. Also, many nicknames have nothing to do with the person's name. They just develop over time.

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    I don't think that Willow would get shortened to Will. I'd be surprised if it got associated with any nickname actually. I don't think it fits that "needs a nickname" style, but I do like the "Lo" and "Willa" ideas that stephanie413 suggested.

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