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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    I prefer Cerys, which is "care-is"
    Again, no. Lol. That's just like Carys but with a 'KEH' sound. 'KEH-riss.'

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    I'm American and I pronounce Carys with a short a as in cat - not care-is. I'm from New York. I also don't pronounce Ariel like air-ee-el, or Carrie like care-ee. And I don't pronounce Erin and Aaron the same way. It's the merry-Mary-marry thing. In some US regions, they sound the same. To me, they are completely distinct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Again, no. Lol. That's just like Carys but with a 'KEH' sound. 'KEH-riss.'
    What so different?

    I've had people debate me on the pronunciation of my own name, Tara. "It's TAH-rah, not TAR-ah". It's basically the same sound so it's not a big deal. Plus writing it out doesn't always capture exactly how a person is pronouncing the name. I pronounce "care-is" and "keh-riss" the same way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Yep. I must have posted this about a thousand times now but: There's no 'care' involved at all just a short 'KAH' sound followed by 'riss'.
    How do you pronounce carrot? In Canada carrot is pronounced "care-ret".
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    definately Care-iss. At least in my book.
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