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    Alice and Violet would be really cool sibling names. But I definitely see Violet ending up in the top 10.
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    I think both Alice and Violet could come in to top ten, in maybe ten years or less. (Not within the next the two years).I think particularly Alice is likely to end up there when people decide to the Alisons of our generation as well as having more international appeal.
    I would say your style is quirky and vintage.
    His is classic and slightly german.
    Rachel Emerald (biased about Rachel) I think this sounds really good. It's a classic name. I think the ordinariness of Rachel is balanced out by Emerald. I really like this one.
    Corrine Emerald I think this one is sweet. I think the name is relatively uncommon which I like.
    I don't like Violet Emerald too many colors.
    I like relatively simple and short names with middle name Emerald.
    Claire Emerald
    Fiona Emerald
    Diana Emerald
    I do like Victoria Emerald even though its longer.
    Matilda might sound a little dated, or you don't like the nicknames. Since your favorite nickname for a girl is the old classic Billie (which could be used for Sibyl, Sybilla or Wilhelmina and which I like also on it's own) I think you are worried your husband will try to appease you with Matilda nn Tillie. Tillie may not have as much meaning as Billie and may feel like a poor substitute.
    I like Theresa nn Tess or Tessa. Tessa Emerald sounds nice and Theresa Emerald is ok.
    Good Luck!

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    emily and tori described both of your styles perfectly.
    sidenote: sad to see he doesn't like Helena. that name is amazing, imo!

    From the 'no' list I like:
    Helena - love actually

    Eloise - cute
    *Beatrice - fantastic
    Coraline - love

    Violet - nice, prefer Viola
    *Alice - lovely
    Clementine - nice, prefer Clemence
    Mathilda - cute, but perhaps you'll like Mathilde better. It's softer and prettier than Mathilda.

    I wouldn't use Violet with the mn emerald--too much color. Alice and Beatrice are starred because they sound nice with Emerald. I also like Eloise with Emerald. The alliteration is nice. What do you think about Esmeralda? I prefer it over Emerald and it's better for flow.

    Also, I do see Alice and Violet rising in popularity.
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    A blending of your two styles might come up with
    Juliette (instead of Julia and similar to Violet)
    Elizabeth/Eloise/Eve - How about Eliza, Ellis or Evelyn
    Helena/Lena - Maybe Elena
    Callista - nn Calla

    What about:


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    I am very, very jealous - your husbands taste is SO much better than what I get to deal with.

    I think the middle ground here will be finding something that has strong roots and a history (not made-up) but that is not completely unfamiliar to most people but still has a spunky and unusual feel. What about suggesting slightly different alternatives to ones he likes? Things like Violetta / Viola instead of Violet or Talitha instead of Tabitha - just some examples of what I'm getting at.

    I DO think Violet may crack to the top ten, I feel as though it has that broad appeal that people from all different naming styles like and it is a sweet vintage choice which is also very popular at the moment. I do not see Alice crossing into the top ten, but I DO see it in the top 25 or so.

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