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    Berries help! Baby naming is killing me! Here is a little background. We are finally having a girl , after 3 boys! We lost my mom in January and i feel compelled to honor her some how. Her name was Diane, but I am not fond of it. She loved butterflies, and i came across the name Eilir ( pronounced Ah-Leer) which is Welsh for butterfly. I love it for a middle name, everyone else seems to hate it My favorite so far is ROWEN EILIR. My husband feels it is too masculine.
    These are a few of the names i like;
    Please help!!!! Opinions, suggestions! I like unusual, different names. This is supposed to be fun. HELP!
    Okay here's some help (I hope)! Sorry I am not on board with Eilir.

    I think if you forgot about Diane but instead used the fabulous Dianthe (di anne thee) for a middle name it would hit all the right buttons.

    I also love the name Airlie which means promise for a baby girl and it is Irish.


    Airlie Rowan Br--ks

    Rowena Everly

    Evangeline Junia nn Eve

    Rowan Dianthe

    Rowena Opal

    Rowena Dianthe Lark

    Nova Dianthe

    Everly Winter nn Eve (don't like Ever)

    Thea Meadow

    Eily Hunter (Dianna being The Huntress in Greek mythology)

    Eilis (or Iris) Lee (instead of Loxley)

    Dianthe Mariposa (mariposa means butterfly)


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