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    I think Eilir is sweet and a great way to honor your mother. I don't see a problem with any of your first name choices. I prefer Rowan on a girl. Everly does sound a little trendy but I wouldn't freak out over that fact. I've never heard of Loxley before but I like the sound. I think any of those names paired with Eilir would be fine. Something more distinctly feminine and familiar would be good too. Up to your preferences.

    Best of luck!

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    I like Eilir as a first name, what a sweet way to remember your mom.

    Eilir Claire (her nn could be eclair, too cute)
    Eilir Rowan
    Eilir Felicity
    Eilir Maeve
    Eilir Helene
    Eilir Yvaine

    Bronwen Eilir
    Grace Eilir
    Juliet Eilir
    Anastasia Eilir
    Rose Eilir
    Marianne Eilir
    Nadia Eilir
    Ondine Eilir
    Zara Eilir
    Arabella Eilir
    Paloma Eilir
    Irene Eilir (maybe too close to Irene Adler?)
    Eloise Eilir
    Beatrix Eilir
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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    So maybe this is a bit too outside of the box but....
    Diane -> Diana (seems obvious) -> Rowan (Diana was the goddess of the forest and Rowan is a tree).
    Could Rowan/Rowen honor your mother?

    Everly never sit's right with me. I always think I'm mishearing Beverly (which is just not a name I love).
    Loxley makes me think of Robin Hood and fish. I prefer it on a boy to a girl - probably because of the RH reference.
    Rowan seems by far the most wearable of your original three choices.

    I love Eilir but I think that since Rowan would be my first choice and that's gender neutral I'd choose a name that the average-bear would recognize as feminine. It's sad Mariposa was veto'd because it would have been my suggestion but how about Psyche? According to this website it was used in Ancient Greece to refer to butterflies. Also the mythical Psyche is usually depicted with butterfly wings. Psyche also meant soul or breath which is another nice way to honor your mother. I realize Psyche could be a hard sell with it's similarity to Psycho, or just psychology in general but I also think it could be a wonderful mn. Rowan Psyche could be great.

    Otherwise have you considered using a D___ fn with Eilir as a mn?
    Daphne Eilir
    Dorothy Eilir
    Dalia Eilir
    Danae Eilir
    Demeter Eilir (could be cool to name your daughter after a different Greek/Roman goddess whose name starts with D).
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    I love Everly, I think it's a gorgeous name! I also love Rowan (Rowen works too, but I think the a is a bit more feminine). Also, I think it's great you're honouring your Mom this way! It's a really unique way, and I think the name Eilir is cool! (Ah-leer) sort of reminds me of Aileen and King Lear smashed together an I think it's pretty. It also reminds me of the word elixir, like the elixir of life. So, I think all your names are beautiful, and it's you and your family who live with the names! So what if a few nameberry people shoot them down? There will always be someone who doesn't like a name. Also, in the long run, a middle name is a middle name. It is rarely used except for the most official things, so I really think you can do whatever you like with the middle name.
    Rowen Eilir looks amazing.
    Rowan Eilir looks even better
    Everly Eilir, I'm not as big a fan off, not sure why.
    Everly Rowan Eilir I really like. But by having 2 middle names, it makes them less special, less significant.
    Everly Diane/Diana is nice too!
    Loxley Eilir is nice, but I think since they're both so uncommon, maybe not.
    Loxley Diane - hm, actually not a huge fan of Loxley, but if you like it, go for it!
    Rowen Diane
    Rowan Loxley
    They're all nice and I think your daughter will love being named after her grandmother! I know I treasure my middle name Jane (boring as it sounds) because it's been passed down from my great, great grandmother's first name, to my g-ma's middle name, to my Mom's middle name, to my cousin's middle name, and now my middle name. My daughter's middle name will definitely be Jane too, whether or not it flows with her first name.

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    Eilir is BRILL!

    Dear brookiebear,
    I have and Eilir and her middle name is Del (shortened version of 'pretty' in welsh, so she is a pretty butterfly! And when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, of course it's a Butterfly!
    I always thought the name was beautiful but slightly difficult for my Gran to grasp, she always called her eyelid!
    Go for it!

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