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    Thoughts on the name Milo

    I'm trying to get a handle on the name Milo. I like it, but is it getting trendy? What's the image of the name Milo? For some reason I'm having a hard time trying to place where Milo fits in. It sounds Italian to me, but I know it's not. I don't think it's preppy, but it's not tough either... what are your thoughts on the name?

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    I think Milo is just adorable but as a nickname! It seems very cutesy and therefore cannot actually imagine anyone over the age of about 5 years old being called Milo. I would much prefer to see Miles nn Milo, that way he has the choice.

    I think it's a very soft sounding name but those sorts of names are very on trend right now.
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    I LOVE Milo. So cute & handsome at the same time.

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    Milo is one of those names that I feel works really well on a baby or small child, but doesn't age well. I agree with the pp that said it's a good nn for a name like Miles.

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    i like it! dont love, strikes me as sort of soft for a boy

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