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    Too close to my name?

    I love the nn Millie and the full name Millicent has grown on me. However, my name is Melissa. I already have 2 daughters so I think it might be odd to give a third (hypothetical) daughter a name so close to mine. What do you think?

    Also, how else could I get to Millie? Thanks!

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    I do find Millicent a little overly close to Melissa, especially knowing the connection between Millicent and Melisande, which is even more similar.

    Other ways to get to Millie (which is lovely, by the way):

    Carmella (maybe a tiny bit of a stretch; Mellie's more intuitive, but I think it could work)

    Good luck!

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    I know a Millie who's full name is Amelia. I didn't know her full name for a long time because everyone just called her Millie. I think Millie is adorable.

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    You've received some great suggestions already, but I wanted to add Milena. There's Mildred, but that might be too "old" for many tastes. I love the suggestion of Camilla/Camille. Did someone say Camelia?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I think the Mel/Mil beginnings more similar than anything, really. I wouldn't find Amelia nn Millie any less matchy than Millicent nn Millie. It's still Melissa and Millie. I have to say, though, I do prefer Amelia/Emilia nn Millie. I'm not ready for Millicent's revival yet.

    My best friend was an Amelie nn Millie, I think that's lovely. A few other options:

    Matilda "Millie"
    Romilly "Millie"
    Emmeline "Millie"

    I like the suggestions of Camellia and Milena, too. With your girls, I like something along the lines of Amelia with Laurel, but I think something like Matilda fits better with Vita, but I think something like Romilly might blend the styles of Vita's and Laurel's names best. I think it just depends on what you're going for. Romilly, Camellia, Milena, and Emmeline are the ones unlisted on the SSA list, though, if that still matters to you (which I assume it does!).

    I think Millie's adorable, btw.

    Good luck!
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