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    Is Georgia Brown a cruel name?

    Is naming a child Georgia Brown cruel? I'm not thinking of naming my daughter that as a take on the song, but since that song IS out there, should I cross this wonderful name off my list? I don't want a bunch of middle aged men coming up to her--each thinking he's the first clever person to think of it--telling her her name is a song.

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    I had to Google Georgia Brown to see what you are talking about. I think it would be fine. There are so many names in songs I wouldn't let that stop me.

    Molly, Caroline and Coraline are favorites of mine and they all have songs about them or appear in songs. Those are just the ones that are off the top of my head.
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    I think it's fine. Honestly, a year ago I googled my name to see if there were any songs that used it just because. When I found Emily by Lady Antebellum I was thrilled that it fit me and the situation me and my boyfriend were going through. It's kinda neat

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    I think you're going to get the same response if you name her Georgia anything, so if you love it, go for it. My name is Maggie and do you know how many people in my life have sang Maggie Mae to me? It was annoying for a while, but it's actually kind of cute. The old men always get a kick out of it and it's nice to brighten someone's day once in a while.
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    I think if you love it then its fine. One thing you might also keep in mind is that Zac Brown (from the Zac Brown Band) named his daughter Georgia Brown, so in addition to the song its also a "star baby". I'm not sure if that is a positive or negative for you, but its something to think about.

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