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    Middle names for 1 syllable fn

    I am going through a serious obsession with 1 syllable first names. I love ALL of them. Well, a like a lot. Here is my list.

    Art, Bruce, Cal, Drew, Dean, Finn, Gray, Gabe, Hugh, Hal, Jude, Jay, Ken, Lon, Lee, Luke, Miles, Ned, Nate, Pete, Roy, Sam, Ty, Will

    Anne, Bea, Beth, Eve, Elle, Faye, Gwen, Hope, Joy, June, Joan, Kay, Lou, May, Meg, Pearl, Paige, Rose, Sage, Wren

    I think its a bit all over the place, but that okay. My entire naming style is like that.

    But then I come to a serious problem. Middle names. Nothing really sounds good to me. They all need longer middle names, and I don't have a ton of longer names I like. Any suggestions that could work with some of these names?

    Should I experiment with 2 middle names? Any tips on how to chose 2 middle names?

    Anything at all would be super helpful.

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