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    One, I'd like to say I adore all your names and reading about your different ideas!

    Rosalind is gorgeous, but it's very different from some of your original names, like Fiammetta. I don't think that they work all that well together, stylistically. I think that Rosalind Illyria Beatrice and _____ Fiammetta _____ would be good though, so I'll leave that as a first middle name. I also really like Matilda, could that still work as a middle? _____ ______ Matilda.

    Rosalind is uncommon, but not unheard of, and I think that's a good thing in a name. Others sort of like that with the same whimsical flair:
    Calista/Calixta- A little more fantastic, but very nice
    Persephone- It reminds me of Penelope, but a bit more fantastic, sort of like the relationship between Rosalie and Rosalind in my mind
    Tabitha- It reminds me of Matilda, which I would love for you but I remember you can't use it
    Leontine- This seems perfect with Rosalind, and I love the nickname of Leonie!
    Lucinda- Lucinda is one of my favorite names, I love the nicknames, and it seems very perfect with Rosalind, if not a bit similar
    Hermione- Very Potteresque, but I still really like it. Did you consider it once? I feel like you might have.
    Anneliese- I feel like suggesting this, but I'm not really sure about it
    Delphine- It has a sort of flowing, mystical quality similar to Rosalind's
    Snow- I don't think I like it as a first or middle name, but it still has a feel of sparkling droplets, sort of like Illyria
    Margot- Margot and Rosalind sound like a perfect pair of Victorian sisters
    Portia- I like it with Rosalind, but then I don't. It's sort of a toss up
    Phoebe- I love this! I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier. I especially like the nickname Bee. Roo and Bee. Adorable!
    Magdalene- It reminds me a bit of Melisande, which I like, but doesn't seem right with Rosalind.
    Claudia- Similar to Margot and Rosalind, this feels very Victorian
    Imogen- A bit hipster, but still a very nice, slightly fantasy name
    Millicent- Millicent and Rosalind sound like they stepped right out of a fairytale!
    Louisa- I like it, but it seems a bit tame compared to Rosalind

    Good luck! I'm sure whatever name you choose, it will be perfect.
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    by this point it seems like I am copying someone else but:
    I like
    from your list.
    also like
    Forsythia nn Thia
    and something like
    Jacinda Felicity Sage
    Isolde Babylon Amaryllis
    Renata Leona Octavia
    Ginevra Forsythia Laurel

    I see a Leander or Benedict in the future.
    Your plans sound exhausting.
    Good Luck!

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    Caro, I'm obsessed with the Borgias as well!!! So much interesting stuff...

    characternames; I'm actually coming around on the name Millicent! I used to loathe it, but now I see it as incredibly sweet and lovely. Imogen & Hermione are both beautiful. Snow is another one I really like... snow is my favourite thing, and the word is so cosy and comforting, but my boyfriend is not very fond of word names.

    emilyva; I like Gwyneth and Ginevra very much!
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    Ooh, I missed this! My favorites from your new list:

    Allegra - Love the musical, feminine vibe here
    Amabel - Not something I would automatically think was your style, but I really, really like it and actually think it's great with Rosalind!
    Anastasia - Regal and just beautiful
    Apolline - Absolute polished
    Aurora - Kind of hard not to love this ultimate princess name.
    Callista - Very pretty. I prefer Callisto for the stronger nymph connection, but do much prefer the more feminine sound of Callista. So hard!
    Cicely - So dainty and feminine. I think this goes spectacularly with Rosalind
    Cosima - I have strong bouts of love for this name; I could see myself using it one day
    Cressida - Tough name sake, but pretty name and meaning
    Eulalia - slightly prefer Eulalie, but this is a strong love of mine
    Fiammetta - Simply can't get over this one - a perennial favorite.
    Ginevra - Ok, this one wasn't on your final list, but I think I like it better than Genevieve (which has also recently won me over).
    Hespera - So lovely when said correctly; I just worry that it won't be
    Isolde - Great, strong, underused name. Like Hespera, pronunciation may be an issue
    Lavinia - So, so great with Rosalind!!
    Leandra - One of one of my cousin's middle names! It's great. I do prefer the male Leander though.
    Leontine - May be a bit difficult for a little girl; I have trouble picturing it on a baby. However, it's gorgeous.
    Melisande - Long time love; magical and beautiful.
    Silvana - Not an obvious choice, but it's kind of winning me over
    Zenobia - So very cute and charming, while also strong and assertive.

    I think Amabel, Cicely, Cressida, Lavinia, Ginevra/Genevieve, and Zenobia go particularly well with Rosalind specifically, but they all would work fabulously.

    Can I suggest your old Zephyrine as a replacement for/addition to Vespertine? It feels cleaner and a bit softer to me.

    Other Ideas:
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