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    Amabel Cerwiden Lavinia
    Fiammetta Victorine Amaranta
    Zenobia Josephine ________

    Obviously I love Cassandra and Anastasia on your list

    My brain isn't working today. I'll think of some more. Your name lists are how I procrastinate correcting papers.

    EDIT: ok. Corrected a stack so im rewarding myself

    Ianira Yvaine Calliope
    Helena Phoebe Amaryllis (bright radiant sparkle according to NB... How fun is that?)
    Hespera Yvaine Celestina
    Cassandra Melisande (can't think of a third at the moment but I love the way this flows together)
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    Cassandra Apolline Viola
    Cressida Amoret Lucia
    Isadora Ceridwen Ophelia
    Melisande Lavinia Isolde
    Seraphina Alba Josephine
    Zenobia Atalanta Constance

    Also just to clarify, the names I ranked previously were based purely on how I felt about them for first name choices, but I love some of them in the middle. I think Cassandra is a really great match with Rosalind as well. As middle names go I especially love Apolline in the first spot to mirror the double L’s in Illyria, but I wanted to only give you one choice for each name so I didn't get carried away. Such fun! =]
    Also, this looked like an appropriate link for you:
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    Leona, I do like Laetitia, but I'd spell it Letizia (fond of Italian names!).

    DindleDina, Amabel Ceridwen Lavinia is stunning!!!!

    AmyDear, Cressida Amoret Lucia, Cassandra Apolline Viola and Melisande Lavinia Isolde are gorgeous! Serafina Alba Josephine though.... swoon!!!
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    I still adore Fiammetta, & think it would be beautiful with Rosalind, especially in a combo like Fiametta Juno Constance. Serafina, Lucrezia (I'm obsessed with the Borgias), Gwendolen, Filomena or Lavinia would be gorgeous as well; just the right amount of romance (which names like Natasha & Roxana lack, for me).

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    I really like Atalanta. Melisande is also nice, but I'd put it somewhere in the middle.

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