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    In order:
    Ceridwen - This is by far my favorite with Rosalind and if we assume you get pregnant again when Roo is about 10-11 months old (fingers crossed) then she'd be that beautiful winter-fairy you mentioned a few months ago. Ceridwen Ophelia Alcyon though I'm sure your BF/FI would prefer a "normal" name in there so Ceridwen Fiammetta Isobel or Cerdiwen Elvira Alcyon. (Does Elvira count as "normal"?)
    Zenobia - Second choice. Roo and a summer Zenobia would be brilliant. Zenobia Atlanta Matilda (I know your friend already has one but does that mean it's out as a mn?) or Zenobia Natasha Ophelia would be beautiful.
    Fiammetta - I still love this and think it's stunning but is it too frilly in comparison to Rosalind? (Does it make Rosalind feel less girly?) I think this could make a brilliant mn to counter Illyria.
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