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    I'm thinking about Audrey.. or Viola or other Shakespearean names. haha.

    From your list I like:
    twenty-something name nerd. infj

    Seraphina Juliette Audrey. Evangeline Laetitia Odette. Catalina Ariadne Helen. Valentina Bellatrix Yvaine
    Violetta Catherine Lenore. Isabelle Faustina Clare. Rosalind Anna Belphoebe. Guinevere Cassia Ottilie
    Vanessa Rose Aphrodite. Helena Edelweiss. Talitha Caroline. Aurelia Madelief

    Peregrine Lysander James. Gavriel Alexander Callum. James Luca Auberon. Edmund Frederic Altair
    Perseus Arthur Flynn. Cassius Jason Alaric. Damien Alexei Orion

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    Oooh, responses!!! I'll try and get back to each of you. Sorry if this is long.

    joviejane: I do like Astrid very much, but I'm half Norwegian and I'd like it to be pronounced the Norwegian way which people in the U.K. won't get. Having grown up with a name that's pronounced very differently in E & N, I don't want to out a child through that!

    egilona: Hypatia is so cool! It's always been almost-on-the-list. Tullia is beautiful, it's been floating around in my mind since I saw it on Flick's list a while back. Cosima, Hero, Eulalia have been on the list, but thank you for bringing them back again!

    krismichelle: Griselda is pretty, but one of those names I can't use because of my Norwegian side. Gris = Pig. Alcyone though... I love this name so much! Had almost forgotten about it.

    teagarden: Thank you! Gothic, love that! Leontine Viola Constance is right up my alley, either you've peeked at my former threads or you simply just get me! I also love Melisande Iris Callista, so pretty.

    Dina Miss Dindle: I know how you feel... and Zenobia's even more lovely to me after you told me about you student! I love the names in your signature too, sweetie!

    Alzora: Yay! I love Roxana with Rosalind too, I love the sisterly bond I love Allegra, why did I forget about that one? Amabelle, Aravis, Melora, Pollyanna and Mira-Louise: Swoon! Mazelina and Amelot are gorgeous too! Thanks sweetie!

    Ballerina: I like Serafina a lot too. Natasha doesn't seem chav to me (although I know it does for others), I've known two and they were both great! And then there's War and Peace and the late Natasha Richardson. I love Lucretia/Lucrezia, Celestina, Callista, Calliope and Iris!

    boy&girl: Thank you, I love Melisande as well!

    Zelia: I love Juno and Saga, both so gorgeous. I'd love to use a Norse (or Scandinavian) name for my second child as we didn't with Rosalind. Hespera is at the top on my middle name list! Thank you so much!

    Awesomecactus: Ophelia is on the middle name list, and I do like Amaryllis, so pretty!

    teagardens (again!): Love that list! Boyfriend is not going to let me use Persephone, but I'll add Apolline, Amaranthe, Ariadne, Cassandra, Astraea, Livia, Penelope, Phoebe, Imogen, Esmeralda and Helena. Daphne was actually a top contender for Rosalind!

    dani: Cicely, Clio, Lavinia and Isolde are lovely!

    Sarah: Armand or Leopold! Or Orlando? Gawain, Tresillian... I have a kind of thread in the boy section, don't you worry.

    misshoppy: I love Artemisisa, stunning!

    Leona: I love Danae and Lucia, thank you! (and welcome back!)

    Flick: I know, so sad... I was thinking about Fioralba but something seems off. Fiammetta is a constant, I'm just worried about re-using the name... but that's just silly I guess.

    Crunchy: Tabitha! Tamar! Jemima and Gwendolen! Thanks, those are great.

    Lizzard: I know Cordelia's a good person, but she's stupid and annoying. Every time I see the play I want to leap on stage and shake her! Just tell your father you love him best of all and everything will turn out great! Silly girl... I want my children to be named after smart people. I do like Anastasia and Alessandra from your list!

    Lex: Yeah, I want a winter baby too! Ceridwen Elvira Alcyone would be beautiful. (Elvira is normal enough for me, plus would honour family!) Zenobia Natasha Ophelia is gorgeous! Thanks my darling.

    jamee: Josephine is lovely, I didn't ever think of this as a first name. Beautiful, and has musical, historical and literary references I love.

    RGE: I know, I know. But I'm 30 and we want more children so the plan (for now) is second child before I'm 32 and then wait four-ish years and have the next two when I'm 36 and 38. ( And if we want a fifth, when I'm 40-42.)

    Alexa: Whoa! Aurora, Ceres, Athena, Selina, Constance, Luciana, Hermione, Perdita, Miranda, Selene and Evadne... Thanks!

    Irmy: Thank you! I love Melusine and the folklore, but boyfriend is opposed. Also, with Melisande I get the opera connection (Pelleas and Melisande) and one of my most recent book-loves (Melisande! What are Dreams?). I do love your suggestions, Delphine, Christabel, Estrella, Violetta, Leontine, Vesper, Victorine, Lucrezia... so many good ones!

    c@29: I love Audrey, but it's too difficult in Norwegian and Italian. So pretty though! Viola will go on my list.

    Thanks again everyone!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    How about...

    Rosalind and Madeleine
    Rosalind and Laurel
    Rosalind and Avalon
    Rosalind and Coralie
    Rosalind and Daphne
    Rosalind and Felicity
    Rosalind and Sabrina
    Rosalind and Hadley
    Rosalind and Waverly

    Sorry, I'm not very good at suggestions, but I thought these sounded good!

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    What about Fiorella? I like Fioralba, too - for some reason that Alba is just very appealing and sweet to me. What about just Alba in the middle? Just some ideas! I have zero worries about any child you get to name, lol.

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    I think Ceridwen is my favourite from your list. It's so pretty.

    I would love to have a little Rosamund someday so I think some of the names I have on my list that could be sisters of a Rosamund could also potenially be sisters of a Rosalind:


    I wouldn't be surprised if most of these have been suggested before, but here you go anyway.

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