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    A (Future) Sister for Rosalind?

    I looked over the names we considered for Rosalind a few days ago, and while I still love some of them, a lot of them have lost their luster. Which makes me a little sad... Now, I'm not going to have baby 2 in a while (we're planning on waiting till Roo is nine months to start that process), but I thought I'd pick your brains before mine gets too full of christening gowns, wedding gowns and then those pregnancy hormones again... And I like to have a sweet little list to look at (don't we all?). The names on my list are:

    Rosalba (I know this is too close to Rosalind)

    I have started liking a few names I used to dislike, such as Serafina and Cordelia (but as much as I like this I can't use it because of that darn Shakespeare woman).

    Do anyone have any smashing suggestions? What would you name Rosalind Illyria Beatrice's little sister? As usual I like names with historical, literary, mythological references... or some beautiful artwork to it's name.

    This is mostly just for fun though!
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    I will think about this for a bit. On a different note, I can still remember reading about your daughters birth and randomly thinking that it would be a good name for a sister Astrid. I know, I know I kinda jumped away from what you just said, but thats what I thought would be cute at that moment

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    My overall favorite from your list is Ceridwen, and my favorite with Rosalind is Zenobia. If I could pick anything at all, though, I'd definitely choose Hypatia. Zosime/Zosima, Iphigenia, Ignatia, Sibyl/Sybil/Sibylla/Sybilla, Isaure/Isaura, Valencia, Tullia, Hero, Olympia, Cosima/Cosmina, Cyra, Dorothea (or Theodora/any Theo-beginning name), Elspeth, Melusine, Eulalie/Eulalia, Aurelia, Perpetua, Fortunata, Illuminata, and Claudia would also be cool to see used as a first or middle name.

    Eh, I'll try some combos, because why not:
    Hypatia Sibyl Eulalie.
    Cyra Zosime Illuminata
    Dorothea Elspeth Zenobia
    Melusine Valencia Hero
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    Melisande seems positively perfect. How about Rosalind Illyria Beatrice and Griselda Alcyone Maude?
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    Rosalind Illyria Beatrice is lovely--it feels a bit gothic, romantic, and whimsical.

    Following that I'd name her:
    Leontine Viola Constance
    Millicent Fleur Leonie
    Melisande Iris Callista
    Ceridwen Astrid Valentine
    Althea Morgana Sabine
    Blodeuwedd Ophelia Magdelene
    Titania Faye Penelope
    Sabine Helena Faerydae

    Well, that was fun!
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