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    Apollo Jude Lysander-- I like the first two names but not the last.
    Aurelia Elizabeth Noelle--I think this fn is great! Very under used imo. Not fond of the mn' s but if they have some significants to you then thats great.
    Beatrix Elizabeth Noelle-- I can't quite figure out why by I do like this combo. all the names seperate are not really my style though.

    Other names I like:
    Lily - I agree way too popular
    Marisol - its ok it kind of remindes me of parisol but it is pretty and different.
    Felicity - sorry never really been fond of this one although it is under used and relatively pretty.
    Cordelia- I love this choice would have been a contender in my list if it had gone better with my last name. bummer!
    Aurora--this is on my mn list and love the feel of it.
    Ariadne--I like this but most people I would have to say would not know how to pronounce it. It is very beautiful and unique
    Annabel--My cousin just used this for her daughters mn so I think this one is becoming pretty popular for babies recently.

    Leo, Leopold I love! I can't get my dh to like Leopold even though it is my favorite out of the two but he said ok to Leo so we may use it to honor my great grand father but not sure yet.
    Tristan--Sorry but not liking it. I think I have similar tastes to you and your dh has similar tastes to my dh lol! Not real into his style lol
    Milo--nope not if you already used it on the dog. sorry.
    Henry--This is a family name of mine but i can't decide if I like it or hate it at the moment.
    Rowan--Love it! LOL! I think i am partial though cause I used it for my son's mn Silas Rowan James. LOL It means little red head and used it for that reason when I saw he had red hair. So cute on a red head by the way.

    Other suggestions:

    Circe (pro. sear-see)
    Sinead (pro. Shin-aid)
    Ailis (pro. ay-lish)

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    I think Edgar would be good in all three languages. Or Eric. Leo is totally charming (it does mean "I read" in Spanish).Lucas would be good and is so cool! The suggestion of Axel was good. Tristian would be a little weird in Spanish, honestly. Triste is the word for sad. You don't usually catch the meaning in English but in Spanish you certainly would and putting the name 'sadness' on a child seems... off.

    Marisol is lovely. You could also go with something like Mariana or Mariela/Mariella. Or Solana. Alma (the Spanish word for soul) is beautiful. Carolina (pn Care-oh-lee-na) is beautiful as well. I don't know how you feel about popularity but Isabel and Isobel would be good in Spanish.

    Best of luck!

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    BTW: you can quote multiple people at once. Right next to the "reply with quote" link there is a little quote bubble with a +. You can click on this for multiple posts on multiple different pages. Just make sure that for the last post you want to respond to you hit "reply with quote" and they should all show up.
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