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    New, expecting, need help!

    Hi everyone! I'm a first time Mom-to-be and huge etymology nerd. I've had a long list of names I've loved for years, but now that the birth of my baby is rapidly approaching, none of them seem good enough, and it's NOT easy to get Dad on board with my naming style. I'm looking for input on my current ideas and any new suggestions:

    If I had my say, all my own, I'd name a boy: Apollo Jude Lysander
    My girl choices WERE: Aurelia Elizabeth Noelle or Beatrix Elizabeth Noelle - but now I think Beatrix is becoming too trendy, and Aurelia might be too hard for my family, and other folks, to pronounce/spell.

    Other names I like:
    Lily - it's too popular, I think
    Marisol - this is at the top of my list, currently, but I & my family would pronounce it "Mar-ih-sol" (the English way) and baby will have some spanish-speaking family who will pronounce it differently (not sure if that would matter or not).
    Felicity - but I don't like any nicknames for it and want something that can be shortened.

    Leo (Leopold, or Leonidas but think the latter may be OTT)
    Milo - but used this on my dog.

    Dad is 100% stuck on Jayden for a boy, and has shot down all my suggestions except Tristan (which he said "at least that's sort of reasonable"). Girls names he likes are Ariana, Alexandra, Melissa. He would probably agree to Ariadne, Annabel, Aurora, or Marisol.

    I want something that would be easily pronounced by both of our families (so needs to be pronounable in English (Irish and American South), Spanish, German, not horrendously difficult for teachers/classmates/doctors/etc. to spell and read, preferably not within the current 500 most popular names in the US OR having kept a steady spot on the list for the past 100 years (nothing that suddenly spiked in popularity). It also needs to have either a really positive meaning or a good historical/literary connection.

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    Your pronunciation of Marisol is pretty spot on to the Spanish pronunciation so I don't think that should be a problem. It's a very pretty name.

    Cordelia and Ariadne would be my favorites from your list, but if you're looking for a name easily pronounced in Spanish, Ariadne is out. Cordelia works in English and Spanish, but not sure about German.

    What do you think of Alina? It's 265 so it breaks one of your rules, but I think it's a very international name and has a similar feel to some of your other choices.

    I adore Tristan from your boys list, but that would be awkward to say in Spanish. All of your boy choices would be difficult to say in Spanish, actually except for Leo, another name I love.
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    Beatrix is hardly trendy at this point. It's not even in the top 1000 in the US, and even the more common Beatrice is only at #707! I really think you should reconsider that, because Beatrix is absolutely beautiful.

    Anyhow, here are some other suggestions for you, trying to incorporate both your style and what little I can glean of your husband's:


    Adrian (sorry this is the only one I can think of... when one person wants a Jayden and the other a Leo it's tough to think of anything that splits the difference!)

    Good luck!

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    I just saw these names as possible nns for Felicity: Felicity (Fliss) - Flick, Lissy, Letty, Tilly. (I think Flick or Flicka is kind of cute!) Ariana/Arianna might be a nice compromise name for Ariadne (which I think could be difficult for people to pronounce). Cordelia is pretty with several nn possibilities and it sounds really similar to Aurelia. My pick from your list would be Aurora, but if Dad shot down Aurelia, I have a hard time seeing him get on board with Aurora. What do you think of Arielle (nn. Ari, Rielle, Elle, Ellie, etc.)?

    I also agree with @esrever88 - I completely adore Beatrix. You should reconsider it!
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    I love your combinations why can't Dad be on board? Apollo Jude Lysander and Aurelia Elizabeth Noelle are beautiful choices. I like Beatrix as well but I think Aurelia sounds prettier within that combination and I don't think Aurelia would be too difficult for your family especially as their are some Spanish-speaking members of the family.
    Anyway onto the other names...
    Lily - I love this choice, so dainty and elegant. But yes Lily is popular what about Lilia? Slightly more unusual and has the nn Lily.

    Marisol - I love this choice she sounds so sunny and cute. However I think if their are going to be pronunciation issues and different family members pronouncing the name differently then you need to ditch this idea. Too confusing for the kid at the end of the day.

    Felicity - A lovely choice, really feminine and pretty. I also love the nickname Flick. Felicity just sounds so edgy and cool.

    Cordelia - I love this choice, I think Cordelia feels really authentic and pretty. I like the nicknames surrounding Cordelia and the fact that she has a lot of spunk. This Shakespeare inspired choice is beautiful.

    Aurora - Similar to Aurelia but most likely easier to pronounce due to exposure of the name. Aurora is very spunky and pretty. I think Aurora feels very majestic I also like the nickname 'Rory'. Rory adds a tom-boy spin of this princess classic.

    Ariadne - I like this choice, it's majestic and interesting. However I prefer your other names on this list. They have more attractive qualities.

    Annabel - My favourite spelling of this name! Very pretty and sweet.

    Leo - Love this choice, a sweet intriguing name. Very spunky and cool. I think Leo has a lot of charm. I think Leo is far more attractive as a name in his own right compared to Leopold and Leonidas (which yes is OTT) my favourite Leo name would be Leonardo or Leonard.

    Tristan - Has a cute, southern edge which I like. I think Tristan is a safe choice though, which can be taken negatively or positively either way Tristan is great name.

    Milo - I like this choice so sweet and spunky. The fashionable 'o' ending is really attractive. But I don't know whether Milo will 'age' well. Also the dog thing is a little dodgy...

    Darius - I dislike Darius to me the name feels over the top and lacks the qualities I possess within a name. Not my style.

    Henry - Ah I love Henry!!! Gorgeously handsome choice! I think Henry has a lot of strength and just works as dignified classical choice. Henry just sounds so upper-Crust and cute. I think Henry is great.

    Rowan - Ah a lovely choice! Loving your style gal! I think Rowan feels really natural and wholesome. Lovely.

    I really dislike Jayden. Just feels so blah. I do like out of his suggestions Arianna & Alexandra! Especially Alexandra.


    Good luck

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