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    Doubting myself...

    As I've written in a couple previous posts, my husband and I have pretty different taste in names. He is in the Katie, Elizabeth, Anne frame of mind, while I like more unique names that are nowhere near the top 50.

    All of the sudden, he has come around to two names I've always loved. I've been pushing for them for so long, the weird thing is now that he is willing to consider them, I'm not sure they are for me! I'm due at the beginning of June, so I'm starting to feel the pressure to actually settle on a name. I just have this weird feeling that there is the perfect name I haven't considered yet.

    What do you think about these names:


    Thanks for the advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I much prefer Marguerite to Colette. I like its elegant French beauty, romantic flair and literary connection. I've always felt that Colette was a little flimsy in comparison but maybe that's because I knew a flighty woman with the name so I have a negative association.
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    Both are such pretty names! I think one deciding factor for me is length. If you have a long last name, Colette might be a better fit since Marguerite is longer and has more syllables.

    Both names actually go well together too. You could easily have a Marguerite Colette OR a Colette Marguerite and they sound great. Really pretty!
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    I think Marguerite is lovely. I like that it has very accessible nn options -- Meg, Maggie, Rita, Ari. It is very frilly but a more down to earth middle would ground it well. Marguerite Elizabeth would be my pick.
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    I like both very much. Marguerite will wear well, because so many nicknames can naturally emerge if need be. But it's long, so it might not go well with your last name.

    Colette is very nice too. It is elegant in its simplicity, but is not often used. It's feminine, but not frilly. It's one of those names, like the old stand-bys your husband first preferred, that can fit whatever personality your little girl turns out to have.

    Good luck!

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