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    "15 Names We'll Never See Again" (article)

    This list is half-probably true and half-unresearched. But I wanted to share it anyway.

    1. Blanche
    2. Myrtle
    3. Ethel
    4. Barbara
    5. Mildred
    6. Agatha
    7. Phyllis
    8. Beatrice
    9. Marge
    10. Ruth
    (Not a name I love, but I don't think it should be on this list.)
    11. Gretchen (Seriously?)
    12. Gertrude (Maybe.)
    13. Martha
    14. Opal
    (I disagree.)
    15. Rose (I can't even believe that this is on here.)

    What do you all think?


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    My favorites from this list are Ruth and Martha.
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    Wow, that's quite a mixed bag of names. NEVER see again?? There are a few (Myrtle, Ethel, Gertrude, Phyllis) that I don't see making a comeback just yet, but Beatrice is in the top 100 in Canada (according to this site: and close to that in the UK. I actually know little girls named Ruth and Rose. This article doesn't appear to be researched at all... Martha, Blanche, Gretchen, and Opal aren't my style, but I can totally see them being used.
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    I believe I saw this article. It made me laugh. Blanche, Agatha, Beatrice, Ruth, Opal and Rose are all either back in fashion already or headed that way very soon, if Nameberry is any judge. (Beatrice and Rose in particular; those absolutely floored me.) I don't think either Gretchen or Martha fit here, either.

    Gertrude is (probably) permanently out, and Marge is never getting used while people still remember The Simpsons (which, considering how long it's been on already, is gonna be a REALLY long time). Those are the only two I can definitely agree with. As for the others... I don't care for Ethel, Mildred or Phyllis, and wouldn't necessarily mind if they didn't come back, but I could see it happening. Myrtle (Harry Potter notwithstanding) and Barbara are both nice names in my book. Not ready for primetime again yet, but again, I wouldn't rule them out.

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    I agree; this woman doesn't quite know what she's talking about! Maybe those don't fit that well in HER style/personal taste.

    According to SSA:
    Ruth has hovered in roughly its current place since 1999 (and likely before).
    Beatrice jumped up over 100 points last year alone, and that doesn't count the extra Beatrix babies.
    Rose is at 291 and climbing (WHAT is this name doing on her list?)

    Some of the others aren't so surprising to me; Gretchen, Opal, Blanche, etc. haven't been in the top 1000 in the past 13 years or more, and others like Martha are on the decline. Still, I'd put others on this list before those.

    What names would you add to the might-never/rarely-see-again list?

    I'd put Bertha, Dorcas, Gladys, and Hortense on that list long before Rose, Ruth, or Beatrice!

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