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    Opinions on my list! waiting to conceive till Fall

    Hi berries!
    I am not pregnant at the moment. This Fall will be the first time my boyfriend and I are going to try and conceive! It is exciting yet scary. I feel like you can never be fully prepared. But I am always in search of names for our future children. I don't think I have a naming style. I just go with what I like. But I do like flow in a name and since our child will have his last name which starts with a Sch (similar sounding to Shamrock) it so hard to find names that flow. Do you think names ending is S or X work? I find it hard to transition. But I happen to have names on my list or like ending is X or S. Let me know what you think and I am open to opinion!

    Hendrix Leon
    Anton Grey
    Copeland Grey
    Maverick Elliot/Hayes- may sound a little too matchy with his last name?
    Knox Elliot/Leon
    Memphis Cruz
    TTC #1
    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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    Anton Grey is my favorite, I like Memphis too.

    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    I like some names individually from your list but not the combos, I like: Hendrix, Grey (though i prefer it spelt Gray for some reason), and Elliot (again I tend to spell it Elliott). Hendrix Elliott, Hendrix Gray, and Elliott Gray would all be nice combos Some other suggestions (even though you weren't asking for them!) Tobias, Sidney, Bastian, Quinn, Albert, Xander, Kirk, Brooklyn / Brooks, Green, Jagger, Tennyson, Desmond, Beckett, Elyan, Elijah, Calloway, London?
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    Elliott, Grey and Memphis are all nice imo. I prefer Leo to Leon.

    Elliott Grey
    Leo Memphis
    Memphis Grey

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    I like Anton Grey from your list. I do think the x/s sound clashes a bit with your last name. I would reverse the Knox Elliot combo- Elliot Knox.
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