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    @mcleivine: I think Neva sounds like she's using Ashton, and I think you should have Laura be part of the band. She sounds like a cool character that deserves to be part of the band.

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    English classy names

    I forget about this character's name until today so I need some ideas SOS
    It's an old man(70-75) with a mental illness. He was born in Chelsea, London but moved to the country after making a fortune in town. He was very rich years ago but his son almost wasted all the money because he(Adam) doesn't work and the old man is ill. This man is Ashton's uncle BTW.
    I was thinking to give him a stereotypically British-sounding classic name and all the youth who disrespect him to call him by nickname. Ideas are Norvin nn Vin or Raymond nn Ray but I am not 100% sure.
    Any similar a bit "old-man" suggestions appreciated, thanks

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    I think I like Raymond nn Ray. It sounds interesting, and maybe there can be some young people that call him by his given name, and I think one of them can be a sister of Laura's, and her name is Alexandra nn Alex. I picture her to be like me, but she doesn't have to. It would be nice if she was, though.

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    Raymond is good.

    Eugene nn Gene/Eugie
    William nn Willie
    Frances nn Fran
    Nolan nn Lan
    Marvin nn Marv
    Kelly nn Kels
    Franklin nn Frankie
    Leonard nn Nard
    Andrew nn Andy
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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