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    Exclamation Help me name a rock band

    Hi berries!
    I need your help coming up with a rock band name for my new book. I will tell briefly about the members maybe it will help:
    Ashton - lead singer and guitarist. He had difficult childhood and started playing at 14-15. He is a typical rock star, manly and talented.He dates a super model and is a sex symbol for most girls.He seems to have a star fever but he is actually very sensitive and not very confident. He is in his thirties right now(32-33).
    Theo - drummer. He is very bad-tempered and usually argues with others but he is talented indeed.
    Eric - bass guitarist. He is Ashton's best friend and was very helpful when they started.
    Alexander "Zander"- keyboardist. He seems weird and prefers to train in playing over hanging with others. He is married with 2 children but that's almost everything he tells about himself.
    Laura - back-vocalist. She sometimes sings with Ashton but isn't much of character actually.
    The group is quite popular right now. They play rock and pop-rock and were awarded as the best rock group of the year back in 2005. I think they got something like Maroon 5/ 30 STM image and fame, so I need an unusual, memorable name. Something that no one will guess where comes from. I was thinking to play with "sin" idea but can't due to some personal reasons.
    Could you please help me? Any ideas greatly appreciated b/c I am really stuck here. I am not very good in naming brands, groups etc so I am shouting SOS!

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    Chemical Panic
    Independence Night
    Frankly Speaking
    Give Up for Grace
    Bridge the Gap
    Canyon Way
    Raising Heathens
    Fill in the Blank
    Time Clock

    Yes, some of these are dreadful, but it should at least get you started...

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    Bridge the Gap, Give Up for Grace and Countdown are very cool, my favorites from your list. None of them are dreadful, thanks

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    Hey, I need other ideas! Anyone...

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    you can always name the band Ember Skies, and I think Laura should be in the band as well as a main charrie. Also, what's the supermodels name, and what is she like?

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