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    Do you want the word sin in the title?

    Sin in the Sun
    Sinless Souls

    Force Reserve
    Three Dark Nights

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    Sinner Seven

    Sin 4 Seven (S4S)

    Silver Sin

    Beautiful Sin

    Run Away Sin

    Sinning Sun

    .....Sorry these are kind of Lame. I will think more and come back!

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    Have you thought of doing a play on their names? Their initials, or last names?

    Or maybe old hobbies?
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Oh, I did not expect so many comments I will answer your questions in order:
    @star_girl: Supermodel's name is Neva, she is younger than Ashton and really famous. He really loves her but I think she stays in the relationship because of PR and wants to become more famous. Neva comes from poor country so she would like to earn as much money as she can and only then start a family.
    @usagurl4: I thought about the idea of using the word sin but couldn't come up with something worthy. I like your ideas, thanks
    @siamia: Beautiful Sin is GREAT! I really like this one, thanks. Sin 4 Seven is also very good and I like how it can be shortened.
    @celianne: since they all have rather regular last names, I have no clue here, but playing with initials is interesting. I also like the idea of using 4 or 5 in the title because the band has 4 members(except Laura). And about hobbies, Eric loved chemistry in school and Ashton likes football.

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    Sin to Save

    You could play with 5 as an S. 5IN as an acronym, but I don't know what you could use for I and N...
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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