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Thread: Advice Please!!

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    Advice Please!!

    We have narrowed down to two names for our soon to be arriving baby girl. Big Brother is Isaac Alexander, and we have a somewhat long last name...what should baby sister be called?

    - Naomi Faith
    - Molly Josephine

    First Names
    We love Naomi and its meanings (beautiful, delightful, truth), and think of it as a unique biblical name - don't know anyone with this name. It doesn't seem to pop up on any popularity lists which is a good thing for us. The hesitation is that someone recently mentioned it is making a "comeback" and we don't want to have the top name of 2013!!! Molly is meaningful to us as it means "wished for child", although there are some less desirable meanings out there. We think of it as cute, and somewhat common but not a super trendy/popular name.

    Middle Names
    Faith is just a name we like for its meaning, and Josephine is a family name on both sides. Any other ideas for middle names?

    Any cute nickname ideas for the first names?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

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