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  • Tabitha

    17 30.91%
  • Talitha

    7 12.73%
  • Lillian

    23 41.82%
  • Matilda

    28 50.91%
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    Exclamation Vote and comments on these choices


    Which do you prefer and for what reasons and what nn options are there for each of the names , looking for all possibilities not just 'normal' ones.


    Thank you

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    My favorite is Talitha, pronounced as Tabitha with an "l." Matilda is a name that I like but can't love, and I would never use it myself. Lillian, along with all of the Lily variants, feel over saturated right now. Tabitha is somewhat bland to me; something about that "l" makes it mysterious and lovely. You could call her Tally, Lithie, maybe even Tilly.
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    I picked Matilda

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    Tabitha got my vote but Lillian was a close second

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    thanks for comments so far = )
    Lillian isn't as common where I live - around the 400 mark (lots of Lily/ Lillies etc etc but I would have her go exclusively by Lillian)
    I used to love Tabitha but its becoming less appealing- maybe I am getting name desensitisation? and at this point would prob chose Lillian over it as am preferring the sound despite popularity. plus it has more significance as a derivative of Elizabeth which is a family name on both sides - my mn, mum's mn , great grans on both sides name etc.
    Loving Talitha too but there are a couple of negative references when googled = ( I am quite sensitive to this ( nb neurotic)
    Love Matilda but it is becoming really popular in UK now ...
    So difficult....

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