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    Smile Help me name my clothing company!

    I realize this is a somewhat unique request, but I am so inspired by this website and I thought maybe one of you highly-creative people could help me out! I am in the process of re-naming my clothing business. Here are the key aspects of our business that I want our new name to convey:

    1) A portion of each items goes to sponsor a child in Kenya, allowing them to go to school and receive 2 meals a day as well as a uniform and other essentials.
    2) Everything we sell is designed and created by us; hand screen-printed graphic shirts, custom-made denim shorts, reconstructed vintage, etc.
    3) All of our items have a earthy, bohemian feel.

    We are looking for one or 2 words that could stand alone or be combined with a word like "shop" or "project".

    Open to any and all suggestions!
    Excited to see what you guys can dream up!

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    The Earth Wear Project? I dunno. I feel like I want to do a play on 'aware' and 'wear' but I can't make it work. Earthenware is also a type of pottery.

    Kenya Wear?

    Dress for Kenya? Clothes for Kenya is too simple I think.

    The Togs for Ties Project (togs being slang for clothes. So, clothes in exchange for school uniforms etc)

    I'll edit if I think of more.
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    I like one word names that have to do with what you're selling. I've been sort of also inspired by one of the nameberry blog posts when a blogger wrote that she had named a toaster Crisp. I think that's brilliant. So maybe something like Stitch or Trim. I like Stitch especially because stitching is similar to fixing, sort of like how your business is helping and "fixing" lives of children in Kenya. I don't know.

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    The Jambo Asha Project? (Jambo =Hello, Asha = Hope)
    Imani Wisteria (Imani = faith and Wisteria are often symbols of humility, and balance)
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