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    Renaming some old characters

    Story 1:

    Main girl: About sixteen. Average height, a bit curvy. Heart-shaped face with a small chin. Big dark blue eyes, and dark brown, ridiculously curly hair to her shoulders. The angry, petulant type, she's resistant to making friends due to some trust issues. Intelligent, but tends to overlook things and jump to conclusions. Refuses to rely on anyone.
    Current name: Artemis, shortened to Missie.

    Main boy: Seventeen or eighteen. Tall, broad shouldered. Thin and sickly looking, with dirty blond hair. Smokes. Extremely independent, not very motivated scholastically but when he wants something he pursues it. Sarcastic, sardonic; always smirking. Mildly protective in some ways, and not at all in others.
    Current name: Brandon, no nickname.

    Story 2:

    Main girl: Eighteen. Tall, slim, elegant. Long, straight brown hair, light blue eyes. Somewhat stereotypical, a bit oblivious to the realities of the world, but only because she's sheltered and spoiled. Sympathetic to others, nice, but stubborn.
    Current name: Rebecca, ALWAYS shortened to Becca.

    Main guy: Age unknown, but about nineteen. Grew up on the streets/in foster homes, didn't know his parents. Tall and awkward, gangly. Red/orange hair, freckled, bright green eyes. Street smart, inconsistent public education. Confident and solidly good at heart; strict code of morals, with some odd exceptions (casual theft). Dedicated and at times thoughtless of consequences. One track mind.
    Current name: Peter, rarely nicknamed Petey.

    Ideas? And my apologies for the super obvious romance plot lines. I was in middle school, what can I say?

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    Well, Artemis is nice, but it's very unique. I think you'd have to explain how she got her name in order for it to make sense (mother was a history prof, father studied abroad in college, etc.). Missie seems to be a very soft name choice for someone who's angry, petulant, and has trust issues--because it seems like a childhood nn that would have been used by whoever she no longer trusts.

    I would go with a tougher nn from a more common first. Like Madeline nn Del or Sarah nn Sadie or Shannon nn Shan.

    Brandon is fine. Not super exciting, but the character sounds interesting. He seems like he has 2 very distinct sides, so I'd use something that's maybe a bit vintage--like it could be an old guy or it could be a young guy, it could be a dorky guy or it could be a super cool guy. Maybe something like Russell (Russ) or Nathaniel (Nat, Nate, Ned, Thane)

    I actually like Rebecca for your second girl. You could always go with something a bit more sweet, like Rosemary (nn Rosie) or Bethany (Beth)

    I like Peter for the second guy as well. Seems like the sort of simple straightforward name that would be chosen by an orphanage/CPS. Maybe Patrick in a nod to his red hair? nn Trick would be fun, but Rick would also work
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    Artemis is nice, and I quite like the nickname Missie, it sounds like something that a close guy friend would give to her teasingly.

    Brandon is kind of boring, but that might be because I know a lot of Brandons. Due to the inconsistant personality and kind of skinny sickly description you gave, I would give him a name like Cole, something short and one syllable, because it sounds kind of mysterious when you give them short names, maybe Dante or Zander?

    For your somewhat ditsy sounding girl, I would pick something more popular but no annoying, like maybe Rachel or Madison or Gemma or maybe something prissy and girly sounding like Genevieve or Annabelle or Camilla.

    I think Peter is fine for the last guy, but if you really want to change it up, I would again recommend something short like Jack or Sam or something, because I think a troubled guy should have a masculine, uncomplicated name.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with kala_way, Artemis needs a back story about her name but I adore the nn Missie because it contrasts with her personality and can be used teasingly.

    Brandon is a little boring. What about Ryland? Declan?

    I like Camille or maybe Robin or Robyn

    I like Sam for the last guy. Or James with nn Jem which makes it different.

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    Odd, I've never seen Artemis as a 'soft' name. In mythology she's the goddess of hunting, and all other characters I've encountered named Artemis have been total badasses (pardon the language). She doesn't really have a backstory (or a story, ha) right now, but I could definitely figure something out for her name. None of the suggestions really strike me the way her current name does, so I think I'll just keep Artemis. Unless someone comes up with something fantastic.

    I really like Nathaniel/Nat for Brandon. It fits him.

    Robin is good! It has a bit of the toughness that I'm looking for, and Robbie would be a good nickname.

    I like Sam, but I'm not really loving it. Any other suggestions?

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